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School Features


Mt. Tipton Elementary School hosts some wonderful features which enrich the educational experience of all our students. The following items are just a handful of ways the facility allows our educators to provide top-notch lessons and hands-on experiences for their classes. Prioritizing the utilization of our school's many resources allows Mt. Tipton Elementary School to be a benefit to the future of our students, educators, and the local community.


Mt. Tipton School is proud to supply a multipurpose room for the community of Dolan Springs. The Community Center is used by multiple groups such as the Knitting Ladies and often provides a meeting area for other community needs. The center is also available to anyone who need to access a computer for job applications, email, or other official internet use. The excellent relationship between Mt. Tipton and the Dolan Springs community is a source of pride for our school.


Mt. Tipton boasts a fantastic aquaponics system, in which students participate in educational experiments and work towards ongoing projects. The system includes many captivating opportunities for hands-on learning. The aquaponics system is usually the starting point of many other student-lead, agricultural features of Mt. Tipton School, including, but not limited to, the exceptional Student Garden.


Right across from the library is Mt. Tipton’s very own Nature Habitat! The habitat is home to a large amount of the local plants and a few animals. The ruler of this little natural kingdom is Mt. Tipton’s very own Speedy the tortoise! Speedy’s environment consists of various flowering cactus and other desert plants. There is even an bird house which is occupied from time to time. Students love looking out into the Nature Habitat as they pass from class to class, and occasionally sighting and getting to feed Speedy.


Beginning construction in the 2018-2019 school year, the Nature Trail is an ongoing student project being developed by the students and staff of Mt. Tipton. Boasting a hand-built, clay brick hut, a small pond, and a wooden bridge, the Nature Trail is designed to be an educational experience with many educational stops along the way. Built along the slopes behind the school, Mt. Tipton plans to develop the Nature Trail into an experience other schools can visit and enjoy as a field trip destination. Meanwhile, current students get to build and maintain the trail, applying their knowledge to a real-world project.


Mt. Tipton’s student garden, located just outside the school gymnasium, is a colorful array of student-made planters and greenery. The garden is a product of student effort and patience as they plant, tend to, and eventually harvest their growing crops through the year. The garden also includes a large-scale chess/game board and an amazing metal-welded panther statue donated to the school by a local artist.


The Student Store, located just next to the Student Garden, is a testament to the efforts of the students of Mt. Tipton and the community of Dolan Springs. The store contains a variety of items for students, including school supplies, clothes, and even some fun toys, most of which is donated to the school by members of the community. These items are arranged and sold by students. Tipton students can earn “Panther Dollars” and spend them in the store. Students who have a basic need can be donated items from the store as well.


Mt. Tipton prides itself on it’s ability to bring it’s students a quality education beginning from their earliest years. Tipton’s preschool classroom has been given a four-star rating from the state of Arizona due to the huge amount of learning opportunities it affords it’s students. With wonderful staff, low student to teacher numbers, and a lot of amazing, hands-on crafts and projects, the preschool classroom is truly a learning environment that excels.